1. Prepare your Finances

Before you start your search you should calculate your budget, including rent , bills , deposit , legal fees and find out what rights and responsibilities you have as a renter and what city and area you are interested in

Beginner guide to renting fees, bills and deposits

Guide for renting with pets

2. Start Your Search

After budgeting and finding all costs involved in the renting process we can start our search by area , message home owners , booking viewings and visiting potential new homes.

You want to move! What now?

How to stay safe while property hunting

3. Prepare your Paperwork

What to do when you like the place ? How to make an application , prepare your documents and secure your tenancy agreement. Both private landlords and agents will most likely want to check references from the previous landlord as well as the right to rent background checks.

What documents do you need to secure your dream home

How to create a pet resume your landlord will appreciate

4. Move in & Furnish

Congratulations on your new home! It is time to move in and furnish and decorate. Learn how to decorate without breaking your tenancy agreement and your bank account , what bills are you responsible for and how to set yourself up for the long run?

Pros & cons when using a removals company to move

What bills are tenants responsible for in a new rental?

5. Common Issues & Complaints

When renting a property , especially for a long period of time you can face all sorts of issues, from broken boilers to bug infestations and mould problems . How to handle common complaints and keep a good relationship with your landlord .

How to raise a complaint with your landlord ?

Dealing with mould in your rental home

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