Staying safe while looking for a property, communicating online and managing viewings can be very difficult. Here we have put together some useful tips and safety advice , so you can stay safe and find what are you looking for .

Some information may not apply due to COVID-19.

Messaging Advertisers/ Responding to Messages

  • Do Not sign or pay anything before viewing the room.
  • Stick to using Find My Hive to message the advertisers – Make sure that you can verify the advertiser identity first before giving address or phone number
  • If you suspect that an advertiser isn’t who they say they are, you can Google their name and check Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin profile page.
  • If you are about to check their ID, make sure you do it in person and Never accept a scanned or emailed copy.
  • Always make sure you use your common sense.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Properties that are too cheap for the area, or in a excellent condition for the price.
  • Read the testimonials in the website- if you doubt that the reviews might be fake, please Flag the listing and we will take care.

Stay safe while viewing properties

  • Check the address of the property before you visit in Google.
  • Try to take someone with you to the viewing – If no one is available, make sure you’ve told someone where you’re going and message them once the viewing is finished.
  • Check that the property is secure , all windows and doors are secured with locks and safety closures.
  • Ask to meet everyone who lives/will be living at the property before you go to the viewing. If that is not possible at least ask for their names and numbers and make sure you organize a meet with them.
  • Always trust your instincts and common sense.

What to do before handing money

  • Always ask to see a copy of the tenancy agreement so you can read it and ask for a legal advice if you don’t understand the legal language .
  • Never agree to pay money without Tenancy Agreement and Deposit Certificate.
  • Always ask for the Landlord / Tenant / Agent’s ID (passport or driving licence) before handing over money or signing anything.
  • If you’re renting with an estate agent, you can Google them and make sure they are legitimate employee with the particular agency
  • Ask which Deposit Tenancy Scheme the landlord or agent is using.

Never pay anything via Western Union , Pay Pal or another money transfer system!!

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