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There are some rules that will ensure the online  safety and proper and fair  treatment of our users and providers.

Our rules are our law

Website rules :

  • No Spamming ( Listings , Comments and Messages)
  • No MLM/ Referral Marketing/ Network Marketing Posts, unless it`s mentioned clearly
  • No Promotion of any kind, including promotion of other websites , businesses, social media groups, unless they will provide value and are approved by the admins of the website.
  • No hate speech, bullying or racism – Make Sure Everyone Feels Safe!!!
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Respect everyone`s privacy
  • Do not ask for payments or sell products/ services, unless is complied with the website terms of use.
  • Please provide authentic photographs , information, contact details, personal information and videos.
  • Please do not pay or transfer any money before you have seen the property and meet the Landlord/Agent/ Tenant
  • Please feel free to report any listings, comments and users that are inappropriate or in breach of the Website Rules
  • We reserve the right to suspend indefinitely anyone who is in breach of these rules

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