We understand that you might have a lot of questions about the process renting a property and finding the right people. So we’ve put together a list with questions and answers that have been frequently asked by our users!!

Hope that this guide will be useful for you. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for you can always Contact Us !

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What is Find My Hive about ?

We are a team of a few young individuals who decided to change the way of renting in London. All of us unfortunately have been renting in London , and….. It’s not a walk in the park.

So we’ve founded Find My Hive with the hope that implementing new technologies and features might help and ease the process of finding a place, or the right people to live with

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I have a home to rent. What do I do?

If you have a property to rent ( house / flat/room) you can place your advert with us for up to 2 weeks and its FREE! Make sure to enter the correct information , what you are looking for in a potential tenant and submit accurate images- the more – the better!

Also don’t forget to share your listing on all your social media channels from the buttons below the listing .

Make sure you share your listing with existing tenants or previous ones , so they can rate and review your listing. It will give you a credibility on the website and help you validate your listing.

Read our guide for good practice and advice for Landlords/ Agents Here!

Make sure you Stay Safe while browsing!

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I need a home. What do I do?

If you are a tenant looking for a room, flat or the whole house you can place your advert with us for up to 2 weeks at a time and it is completely for FREE!

Make sure you enter the correct information about yourself, what are you looking for and your budget!

Please where possible provide a real images of yourself and your everyday life and activities!

Don’t forget to share your listing with your previous Landlord or Agent to ask them to review you, as a reference! It is important because it will validate your listing and attract more users towards your listing!

While waiting for responses to your listing you can Browse Properties and save the ones you like or contact vendors and arrange a viewings.

Share your advert on all your social media channels using the buttons below the advert!

Read our guide for good practice and advice for tenants Here!

Make sure you Stay Safe while browsing!

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How does it work ?

  • Choose the right package for you
  • Share your listing with your tenants/ landlord/agent for reviews and testimonials
  • Share your add on all your social media channels
  • Browse a listings you are interested in
  • Save your favourite listings
  • Contact advertisers using our messaging system
  • Arrange a viewings
  • Make sure to always let people know if you will be late or want to cancel
  • Once you find the right fit for you, don’t forget to Hide your listing from the options on top of you ” My Account ” page. It will stop your listing from being advertised and people would not be able to contact you or see your advert anymore.

Here is a navigation video of “How to use the website”

What charges are there for tenants ?

None! Your first advert is completely for Free ! No hidden charges, No admin fees!

We suggest once you place your Listing to upgrade to “Featured” from your account settings. It will give your add a wider exposure and we will show the listing on our home page as well as top of all pages , which will help people find you quicker and you will be able to find home before your free advert has expired!

Read our guide for good practice and advice for tenants Here!

Make sure you Stay Safe while browsing!

You can check our most used Packages and Offers Here!

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What charges are there for Landlords & Agents ?

You have your first two listings for FREE from us! No hidden charges, No admin fees!

After you have used up your free credit or you perhaps have more than 2 listings at the same time you will be advised to use one of our many packages to suit your needs! All of them include free advertising on all major channels , automatically make your listing ” Featured”, we share your property in our social media groups and many more features!

Read our guide for good practice and advice for Landlords/ Agents Here!

Make sure you Stay Safe while browsing!

You can check our most used Packages and Offers Here!

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Do i have to upgrade my listing?

No! You have 2 listings for Free so you don’t have to upgrade. But we suggest you to use our ” Featured Listing” feature to give you more visibility and speed up the process of renting!

Note : If you are in a hurry or don’t have the time to browse and select perspective listings, we recommend one of our premium packages , as the whole process will be speed up and you will get all the features with the packages!

You can check our most used Packages and Offers Here!

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What is ” Featured” option?

You can upgrade your listing at any time to the “ Featured “ option if you are using the Free package!

You can upgrade from My Account!

The feature is very useful for anyone looking to rent or find home quicker as it will give your listing a greater exposure on our home page and all the top pages in our website!

As a part of the package we will share your listing in our social media groups which will give you an instant boost!

Read more about our Packages and Offers!

How to contact an advertiser?

You can contact any listing author by clicking on the contact button on the listings page.

We recommend the usage of the website messaging system before you get to know the person you are contacting.

It is safer and more secure.

Read our guide for good practice and advice for Find My Hive Users Here!

Make sure you Stay Safe while browsing!

How to arrange a viewing ?

We suggest you to connect with the advertiser firs and ask them to arrange a viewing in convenient for both of you time.

We are currently working on implementing a booking system, so it will be a lot more safer and convenient for everyone.

We will notify you via email, once the system is ready to use.

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How to rate a listing?

At the moment the best way to rate a listing is to go to Find My Hive website and click on the listing you want to rate. You can review the property or the person advertising

Make sure the testimonial is real and authentic.

If you are rating a listing that you have saved, you can access that in your Favourites page from My Account page.

We are working on a new system at the moment and soon we will be able to send you through email a follow up for review.

If you have subscribed with Us you will receive an email notification.

You can subscribe Here to receive weekly newsletters, promotional materials and many more!

How do I pay you ?

We currently use Stripe who are one of the biggest card processors in the world. We don’t store any of your financial information on our site or records. We are expanding our website at the moment and looking into implementing different payment methods, so in the near feature we will be adding PayPal as a payment option.

Look out for confirmation email about that! Subscribe Here to receive further information and offers!

Meanwhile you can check our Packages and Offers!

Why do you need my details if the package is Free?

Taking card details ensures we are dealing with a real person , not spammers or bots. It streamlines the service for YOU and makes it quicker to upgrade to different packages as you go along .

We use Stripe as our payment portal, the most globally trusted payment portal. We don’t store your payment details on our website.

I suspect a listing on your website is fake. What to do?

If you notice a suspicious listing or activity on our website, you can Flag the Listing ( the option bellow Contact advertiser button) on the listings page. We will immediately take care and investigate further.

If an user has been acting in Breach of the Website Rules you can always Contact Us and we will look into it further!

Do Not hesitate to report suspicious behaviour or flag a listing!

How to attract tenants ?

  1. Post your Listing
  2. Fill all the information
  3. Try to adjust the price according to the market standard and make sure you are realistic about your own expenses.
  4. Do not price your property Too Low or Too High
  5. Include as much as possible real images of all the rooms, shared spaces, garden/balcony and all the features and furnishings in the place ( Up to 10)
  6. Try to make a quick video and upload through You tube or Vimeo . Recent research shows that users are more likely to contact you if they have a video viewing first.
  7. Consider asking for 2 weeks deposit only where possible, or charging the deposit into instalments.
  8. Make sure you reply to all messages quickly and in friendly manner
  9. Browse Tenant Listings and contact prospect tenants yourself. Don’t wait for people to contact you first
  10. Make full use of our Upgrade Packages . If you are using the Free Package you might consider upgrading from My Account , to unlock more premium features and badges giving your listing an instant visibility boost and credibility on the website.
  11. Share your listing with your current tenants or previous ones to gather feedback for your property and act as a reference to featured occupants.

Read our guide for good practice and advice for Landlords/ Agents Here!

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Why do you share the listings on your social media groups ?

Find My Hive started from a property group in Facebook and grew from then on. We have 2 groups in Facebook and Nexdoor and we believe that building a community is the core to successful and meaningful renting experience.

You will be a part of one big family , where you can share ideas and advice and also build trust !

You can check check our groups and feel free to join the family!

How long it will take to post my listing on your website?

We have created a process that is simple and very quick. So just a few clicks of the button and you will have your listing live and running.

Here is a quick video of how to post a listing ! Make sure you submit a lot of images and the correct information!

How long my advert will remain live ?

We have a standard Free package which is 2 weeks for a free listing.

Based on user research we have estimated that 2 weeks are enough to find a new tenants or home .

Anyway if you don’t find what you are looking for you can always Renew your advert or Upgrade to our Premium Packages to get more exposure and rent quicker

Meanwhile you can check our Packages and Offers!

Why do I need a deposit ?

You need a deposit to protect you and your Landlord ! In case of damage to the property or any other accidents the deposit is a safety net to prevent you from paying extra charges , and to give your landlord an assurance that they will be partly covered in case of damage or emergencies.

If you are renting a property and most likely paid a deposit, this must be protected in a government-backed tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme.

The landlord or letting agent is required by law to register your deposit within 30 days of you handing it over. They must provide details of the agency and provide the Deposit Scheme Certificate for your records.

Read more in our useful guide Here!

Why do I need a Tenancy Agreement ?

The tenancy agreement is not a legally required document when renting , but its very useful in case of disputes or unlawful practices on both sides!

Make sure you read the agreement first and always seek advice from authorised legal counsel , if you are unsure or do not fully understand the legal language.

The most frequently issued type of contract is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), which is mostly given for 1-year initial tenancy.

Read more in our useful guide Here!

What is Deposit Protection Scheme ?

You can read here all the information about renting in the UK and all type of documents and licences issued by the local authority and private landlords and agents (Government How to Rent Guide)

What to do if I damage something in the property by accident?

You should first have a look at the damage and see if you can fix it yourself or check local website for traders and ask for a price estimation , before you contact your agent or landlord.

Make sure to always notify at the end of your tenancy about that.

If you can not fix it yourself you should always notify you managing agent or landlord about that!

Failing to repair the damage or notify about it can result in the loss of deposit or court procedures.

What to do if I can’t pay my rent?

First and foremost – Don’t panic, it can happen to anyone!

Make sure you notify your landlord or agent and you can work out some sort of a payment plan.

In case they do not agree you can contact the local authorities and Citizen Advice Bureau and ask for advice.

If you are unable to pay your bills you should contact utilities companies and talk to them. They usually will be able to delay or to a payment plan for you!

I have question that is not covered here!

You can Contact Us at any time and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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