Couple looking for a double room to rent in South London

Merton, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Looking For: Buddy Up, Room
Buddy Ups: Yes
Want To Live In ( Property Type): Don’t mind
Can Move In From: 01/09/2023
Want To Stay: 7 days a week
Preferred Amenities: Good Transport Links, Living room
Your Age: 18 - 25
Occupation ( About You): Professional
: No
Pets: No
Sexual Orientation ( About You): Straight
Your Preferred Language: English
Nationality ( About You): Not disclosed

Hi everyone!

Looking for a couples room for my partner and I, ideally around Wimbledon, Richmond, Putney, Wandsworth – near a tube station.

We are 26 & 30, tidy, career focused, social and are looking for people to live with as our housemate just fell through as we were about to sign the contracts! I work in finance in the West End and my partner is in construction working in Surrey.

Hoping to have somewhere in September, but we are flexible for the right place. Our budget is ideally £1250 ish w/or w/out bills.

Drop me a message if you have something available, or if you may be keen to buddy up!


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