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Planning to get your carpet cleaned? Who wants a dirty carpet these days, collecting dust and germs, especially with the threat of Covid 19! With this guide, you’ll learn more about the carpet cost associated with cleaning.

Don’t get the first available option in the market. Take your time to measure different carpet cost factors and how these can affect the quality of the job. No two carpets are the same and you’ll want the best cleaning service available — for the right price.

With this guide, you’ll learn more about the carpet cost associated with cleaning. That way, you’ll know if you’re paying the right amount whenever you request this service. Read on and find out more.

Carpet Cost Prices

Companies offering carpet cleaning will charge depending on either per square footage of your home carpets or per room. If you live in an average home with three bedrooms, you can pay around £175. As for larger houses, the costs can go up to £400

Take note, carpet cleaners will usually charge more if they have to move your furniture. This means you must move them out of the way before contacting your carpet cleaner. This ensures that the costs will stay relatively cheap.

Carpets will always build up dirt, dust, dander, and allergens every day. This makes it necessary to do a deep clean at least once a year. This will depend on the amount of traffic and the number of pets you have.

DIY carpet cleaning works temporarily. But if you opt for professional carpet cleaning companies, you get a better quality of cleaning. This will make the cleanliness last longer because their equipment has powerful suction, sucking out debris more effectively and efficiently.

Carpet Cleaning Prices for Each Room

If the carpet cleaning professionals charge per room expect to pay on average between £25 and £50 for each room. This means you’ll most likely get charged around £35, with some larger rooms counting as two rooms. Take on board that most of the professionals charge a minimum fee of around £ 75 , so even if you have one room to clean only you will most likely have to pay the minimum initial charge, so it is best value for money to look into the whole property carpet cleaning prices, as they might have a discount in place.

Whenever possible, take advantage of carpet cleaning membership programs. It’s because some offer free room cleaning discounts if booked within 6 months , twice per year . This varies depending on the company you’re working with, so make sure to inquire when you next talk to them.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Costs

Some companies charge more if you have heavily soiled carpets. It can become almost as expensive as a carpet installation cost if it’s severe enough. In most cases, you can expect to get huge discounts if you opt for these companies to deep clean your home too.

The average reasonable price for homes of up to 3 bedrooms with heavily soiled carpets is around £190. Sometimes, less reputable companies will do a bait and switch by adding extra costs for halls and entryways after quoting costs per room. To avoid this, you can get companies that charge by square foot since this is more upfront.

That is not everything unfortunately. Here are some additional carpet cleaning costs you must consider:


Professionals can remove both stains and odor associated with your pets. They pre-treat heavy, odorous stains before they start with their main cleaning work. Sometimes, if your pets continue to use your carpet to relieve themselves, you might end up with a carpet replacement cost of up to £300 for the pad underneath.


Do you want your furniture to look fresher and cleaner? If so, get professional help for hot water extraction since it gets rid of dirt and grime from your furniture. This service starts at £50 but can get expensive depending on the number of furniture pieces you want.


Depending on your cleaning company, cleaning your stairs can become an extra cost. But even if it is, you can expect it to be relatively inexpensive. Some can get as low as £2 for each stair cleaned.


Before working with a company, ensure they have the appropriate certification. This ensures that they’re experts in cleaning and restoration. With that, your carpets and furniture will retain no water after they clean it.

This is an important part of your carpet maintenance. If your carpets sustain water damage, you must address it immediately. This ensures you won’t have to replace it because it seeped past your carpet pad.


Your carpets will have areas that need more cleaning are those uncovered by your furniture. These are traffic areas, meaning it’s often unnecessary to move larger pieces. But if you must, expect to pay your carpet cleaning company at least £20 per hour of moving work.


Are you looking for a viable way of making your carpet last longer? If so, a Teflon treatment or scotchgard protection will make your carpet more stain and water-resistant. This ensures that the carpet fibers will have some protection from spilled liquid or solid matter.

It’s because Teflon gives you a 15-minute window to get rid of the liquid. Some reputable companies will include Teflon treatment as part of their cleaning service, meaning it’s free. In case it isn’t, expect it to cost anything between £ 40 and £ 180


This happens when the stains seeped into the carpet pad. This can show up within a day or two after the stains dry up. You’ll see a dark spot rising through the pad into the carpet fiber surface, causing the carpet cleaning company to come back and clean it once more.

Ensure you get a cleaning warranty from the carpet cleaner. Most will offer warranties that last for from a few days to a month.

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